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Mission IX: Gold Medal Mission IX: Gold Medal

The Story They have succeeded to enter the Gate but behind it they were surprised to see the guards swiftly attacked them. There was no time to think. But the labor of practice paid off that day. Their battle skills manifested as a second nature. Enemies head flew up the air. Weapons swung... [Read more]

Mission VIII: Moonstone Ring Mission VIII: Moonstone Ring

The Story After following the Symbol of Kunduns, Mulanders reached the Kanturu. A place so dark where monsters releases poisonous and deadly black smokes. There are so many traps on the grounds and the way is full of laser beams. They have to protect themselves and wear high defense gear against... [Read more]

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Santa Town Santa Town

Santa Town is a place where Santa and little santa lives. This is also the place for players to recover their Mana and HP. This place is special because NPC sells wonderful items. Santa Town is a great place to celebrate Christmas. [Read more]  Read More →

Blood Castle Event for MU addicts Blood Castle Event for MU addicts

Blood Castle event is an hourly happening on our server. It is the fastest way to get your level up to the maximum. The mobs re-spawn in close proximity of each other so one can stay where one is, to level up. The mobs near the foot of the bridge are of lower level and as you move towards the quest... [Read more]

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July 2014 Madness Promo July 2014 Madness Promo

July 2014 Madness Promo!!! First time in the history of Mulander! We’ve increased... 

Server Information Server Information

Why MULANDER is unique from any other private servers? Fast Reset - no need to... 

Mulander Re-Opening Date Mulander Re-Opening Date

The open beta test has been completed and in few days at exactly 25 May 2014, Mulander... 

Mulander Season 8 Open Beta Mulander Season 8 Open Beta

A lot of Mu Online players are looking for high exp private server to experience... 

Mulander Season 8: The Unexpected Arrival Mulander Season 8: The Unexpected Arrival

Mulander will soon re-open and release Season 8 Episode 2 which we call it “The... 

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Game Guide

Jewel of Pandora Jewel of Pandora

The Jewel of Pandora is a reward of jewel of bless acquired by mining in some areas... 

Socket Items Socket Items

New socket weapon items can be equipped after the third class change. These new socket... 

Socket Option Socket Option

The socket option for both Season 4 set and weapon is available in Mulander server.... 

New Maps & New Monsters New Maps & New Monsters

Now players can experience several new maps and various new monsters. 1) Elbeland... 

New Class – Summoner New Class – Summoner

Summoners, whose bloodline has been preserved since ancient times possess a natural... 

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Medusa Event Medusa Event

The Medusa Event takes place in the Swamp of Calmness map. Medusa is the monster boss and appears in this map every 12 hours. Killing her will drop plenty of excellent, ancient and socket items. She will re-spawn after 12 hours for another event.  Read More →

Marriage Event Marriage Event

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day to all Mulander players! Aside from our Pink Chocolate Box Event, we enable the Marriage Event for our Valentine’s Day celebration. This event is easy to do. Follow the steps below: Go to Devias 2 altar. Male character (left) and female (right). Male... [Read more]

Leah BOK Event – Free BOK in Lorencia & Noria Leah BOK Event – Free BOK in Lorencia & Noria

Leah replaced our normal Merchant Moss BOK Event.  Leah gives every player more chances of getting more excellent items. The Leah BOK Event happens every two (2) hours in our server. And it will lasts for 1 minute. Read the event mechanics below and clean up your inventory before... [Read more]

Christmas Event Christmas Event

Mulander celebrates Christmas starting December 1 and we have a satisfying event for our players in this special occasion. This event is the invasion of evil Santa and his group like snowman and goblin. Christmas Event will be opened on December 1-31, 2009. Enjoy! Schedule of event... [Read more]

Imperial Guardian Fort Imperial Guardian Fort

Event entry point. Talk to NPC Adviser Jerinteu at Devias 3 You need the Imperial Guardian Ticket (Guy on the order for all days except Sunday and Sekeuromikon for Sunday) Ticket Creation: You need five “piece of paper” and will be transformed into “Guy on the order”. For... [Read more]

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Free Resets!!! Free Resets!!!


Beta Test 2/2 – New Duel System Enabled! Beta Test 2/2 – New Duel System Enabled!

I hope we did not bore you. At last! We come to the last part of the beta testing. To our valued players, we would like to inform you that we have change the reset system. If you reset your character, the stats will go back to the orginal value at Level 1. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

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